Chun Wai is the course coordinator and lecturer of the Postgraduate Diploma in Photography in the SPACE of Hong Kong University, photographer and curator, based in Hong Kong, his motherland.

He earned the Diplôme national supérieur d’expression plastique (DNSEP), an advanced diploma in Visual Arts, from the Minister of Culture in France. He subsequently opened his own studio there and pursued an artistic course of integrating the essence of Western contemporary art into traditional Chinese aesthetics.

When Chun returned to Hong Kong in 1993, he taught in an Art College and later he worked as a photojournalist in the news media.

The photographic perspective of Chun lies in his humanistic vision and macro historical framework in interpreting the changing world. His project covered a wide area in the region, including Hong Kong and different parts of Asia. Every appealing moment captured in his camera carries his care for the poverty, and the victims of wars across different cultural and economic plights. Impact of global climate changes on human survival is another topic Chun concerns. His work is full of a sorrowful yet romantic mood and reveals his personal landscape. The phantasmagorical image like a rhythm poem of a stray, is a unique work of art.

Since 2011, Chun established Health In Action, an international NGO, to promote humanitarianism services in the Asian countries. Since 2012, he was appointed as Member of the Academic Committee of the Dali International Photo Festival. In 2014, Chun was invited to be the Reviewer at the Forum of Portfolios of the Encuentros Abiertos- Festival de la Luz.